Former South Brisbane Town Hall

Former South Brisbane Town Hall

Former South Brisbane Town Hall is the heritage-listed town hall of the Borough of South Brisbane, later the City of South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[1] It is located at 263 Vulture Street (on the south-west corner of the intersection of Graham Street), South Brisbane, adjacent to Cumbooquepa, the residence of William Stephens, the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland and mayor of Borough of South Brisbane.[2]

In 1888 the Borough of South Brisbane was established, independent of the Brisbane Municipal Council.

In 1891, work commenced on the construction of the town hall. The building was officially opened on 1 July 1892.[3] Although it was widely known as the “Town Hall”, it was officially the South Brisbane Municipal Chambers. On 6 June 1892 the Brisbane Courier reported that:

“It has been customary to refer to this building as town hall, but it is not a town hall, and was never meant to be such, but merely offices for the accommodation of the municipal officials and the alderman, the expense of providing a town hall being quite unnecessary, looking at the several large unoccupied public halls in the borough and profiting by the lesson afforded by some suburban cities in the Southern colonies. The building is planned in a very simple manner….”[2]

Consistent with that claim, there is no public hall within the building. Against it, the building was described as “one of the most ornate and elegant buildings in the city” and was constructed at a final cost of ₤11000 and in a prominent position with a tall clock tower, typical of a town hall. It was commonly known as the South Brisbane Town Hall.[2][3]

The building was used for its original intended purposes from 1892 until 1925, when the City of South Brisbane was amalgamated into the City of Greater Brisbane. The building was then used by the amalgamated council as a Council Works Depot.