Anthony Hordens Building Sydney

Anthony Hordern Building Sydney

Anthony Hordern Building Sydney was once the largest department store in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. With 52 acres (21 hectares) of retail space, Anthony Hordern’s was also once the largest department store in the world. The historic Anthony Hordern building, which was located in Goulburn Street, in Sydney’s CBD, was controversially demolished during 1986, to make way for the World Square development.

The business was originally established by a free immigrant from England, Anthony Hordern, in 1823, as a drapery shop. He was the founding member of the Hordern family in Australia. A further large menswear store was in upper George Street, and Hordern’s also operated one of the largest mail order businesses in Australia. The business remained in family hands for a century, and a huge six-storey building was opened by them in 1905, called The Palace Emporium, the main entrance being completely fitted out in imported Italian marble. The massive store was located on the corner of George, Pitt, & Goulburn Streets in the south end of the CBD. One of its advertising slogans was that it sold “anything from a needle to an anchor”. The crest on their coat of arms was a budding tree, the motto: “While I live I’ll grow”. It appeared above all the store’s window fittings and on all its stationery.

Anthony Hordern sen. (1788–1869) came from Staffordshire, where his family was prominent in Wolverhampton banking circles.He and his wife Ann (ca.1791–1871) and four children arrived in Sydney on thePhoenix on 6 August 1823 (one reference has 16 June 1824) and set up a drapery business “Mrs. Hordern’s” at 12 King Street, between Pitt and Castlereagh Streets on the eastern corner of Terry Lane (later Truth Lane);(He may have initially set up as a coachbuilder.)