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House Portraits

These portfolios of House Portraits Sydney contain house portraits in ink and watercolour from the past 25 years. There are a wide variety of styles including Edwardian, Victorian and Federation architecture.

Federation architecture is the architectural style in Australia that was prevalent from around 1890 to 1915. The name refers to the Federation of Australia on 1 January 1901, when the Australian colonies collectively became the Commonwealth of Australia.

The architectural style had antecedents in the Queen Anne style and Edwardian style of the United Kingdom, combined with various other influences like the Arts and Crafts style.Other styles also developed, like the Federation Warehouse style, which was heavily influenced by the Romanesque Revival style. In Australia, Federation architecture is generally associated with cottages in the Queen Anne style, but some consider that there were twelve main styles that characterized the Federation period. This style is pared back in comparison to its later counterparts. These houses are made of brick, exposed or rendered, with pitched roofs made from corrugated iron, tiles or slate. They often feature picket fences with a small garden at the entrance. A typical workers’cottage is a good example. Internally, the ceilings are generally unadorned, but moulded skirting (the wooden frame along the base of a wall) and architraves (the moulded frame around a window or door) are common.

Much more decorative than earlier Victorian homes, this style often features verandahs with cast iron lace work and facades with ornamental and/or multi-coloured brick work, along with brick rendering. The front yard is generally enclosed with cast iron or picket fencing. The roofs are made from corrugated iron or terracotta tiles and the eaves feature decorative brackets. Stained glass windows add decoration to entrances, while double-hung timber frame windows divided into three sections are a popular design feature. Inside, polished wooden floors and plastered walls are framed by decorative skirting, architraves, cornices (wooden frames designed to hide the ceiling and roof join) and ceiling roses.