495 West Ave New York

495 West End Avenue New York

495 West  EndAvenue New York is a apartment located at 495 West End Ave, New York, NY 10024, in the area is commonly known as Upper West Side.

Built in 1907, this mid-rise elevator building is 9 stories tall and contains 128 apartments. “West End Avenue is one of the most distinctive residential avenues in New York City and it deserves and meets the criteria for Historic District status. Already designated are blocks between 75th Street and 78th Street and those between 87th and 95th Streets. We urge the Commission to extend and expand the Historic Districts to include the blocks down to West 70th Street and up to West 107th Street. West End Avenue is lined primarily with Pre-War apartment buildings of unified height; most are approximately twelve to fifteen stories. These buildings were erected in the 1910’s and 1920’s by a small group of acclaimed architects specializing in apartment-house construction in that era. Spread intermittently between some of these unified apartment buildings are historic townhouses that predate the construction of 1910-1920….Even when West End Avenue was first being developed, the Avenue seemed unique. In 1888, an organization called the West End Association declared that “West End Avenue, alone of all city avenues, has a chance of remaining a site of private residences exclusively and permanently.”