834 Fifth Ave New York

834 Fifth Avenue New York

834 Fifth Avenue New York is a luxury residential housing cooperative in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City.It is located on Fifth Avenue at the corner of East 64th Street opposite the Central Park Zoo in Central Park. The limestone-clad building was designed by Rosario Candela, a prolific designer of luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan during the period between World War I and World War II.834 Fifth Avenue is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious apartment houses in New York City. It has been called “the most pedigreed building on the snobbiest street in the country’s most real estate-obsessed city” in an article in the New York Observer newspaper. This status is due to the building’s overall architecture, the scale and layout of the apartments, and the notoriety of its current and past residents. It is one of the finest buildings designed by Rosario Candela, according to The New York Times.

The building was constructed in 1931, and was one of the last luxury apartment houses completed before the Great Depression halted such projects in New York City. Its street facing facades are composed entirely of limestone. Elements of Art Deco styling were utilized on the entry ways and portions of the Fifth Avenue facade. The building uses setbacks at the upper floors to create terraces for several apartments and provide visual interest from a distance.

The building is incorporated as a housing cooperative, where tenants own shares in the corporation which owns the building; those shares entitle the owner to occupy a designated unit in the building. Similar to other ultraluxury apartment buildings in New York City, a person who purchases a unit in the building must pay entirely in cash for the apartment. No mortgage financing is allowed.