the Beresford 211 Central Park West New York

The Beresford 211 Central Park West New York


Designed by the architect Emery Roth, The Beresford, completed in 1929, is one of the most prestigious addresses in Manhattan and one of city’s most elite co-ops running along Central Park West. In recent years, apartments have sold for between $3 million and $22 million. One unit is currently listed for $62 million, making it one of Manhattan’s most expensive properties.It is one of four Roth apartment blocks on Central Park West, including The El Dorado, The San Remo, and The Ardsley. The Beresford is the largest by volume. Its mass relieved by horizontal belt courses, staggered setbacks governed by the 1916 Zoning Resolution,[4] which provide some apartments with terraces, and architectural detailing that gives an impression of Georgian houses embedded in the mass. It takes its name from the Hotel Beresford, which had occupied the site since 1889.The Beresford has two very prominent street-front facades, crowned by its three distinctive octagonal copper-capped corner towers, the eastern facade overlooks Central Park; and the southern facade overlooksTheodore Roosevelt Park, the park that contains the American Museum of Natural History.

The massive block is opened to the west, giving it a U-shape, wrapped round a central court. Three elevators give separate access to small foyers, originally each accessing two apartments of a scale that was eliminated in New York, both by the stock market crash and the new Multiple Dwellings Law