Former Titles Office Perth

Former Titles Office Cathedral Avenue Perth

Former Titles Office Cathedral Avenue Perth is the building known as the Titles Office, fronting Cathedral Avenue, was built in 1896. It forms the north wing of the Government Offices complex in Central Perth, and was the last of the four buildings in the complex to be built, and is the most picturesque. Construction was supervised by Richard Roach Jewell, the Colonial Architect, until he retired in 1885 and then by George Temple-Poole. The building is copybook Academic Classical, with its columns and balustrades on the upper levels facing Cathedral Avenue.

George Thomas Temple-Poole (born George Thomas Temple, 29 May 1856 – 27 February 1934) was a British architect and public servant, primarily known for his work in Western Australia from 1885.

As Principal Architect, Western Australia, in a period of rapid urban development during the Australian gold boom, he made notable contributions to Australian architecture and town planning prior to federation. His designs for public space and buildings are often identified and preserved by local councils and heritage registers. He also held roles relating to town planning, commerce, the arts, and ‘society’ of Western Australia. His founding and chairing of committees and institutions included; the Western Australian Institute of Architects (later merged to the RAIA), Perth Park (Kings Park Board), and the Wilgie Sketching Society.