Geelong Grammar School Clocktower


Drawings and paintings of private and public Schools-Sydney and New South Wales. These portfolios contain works created over the past 20 years of various independent and public schools throughout New South Wales. The education system offers an opportunity to showcase the history of architecture in the state. The buildings vary from traditional stone through to modern techniques and designs. The education system like the health system and the judicial system symbolises a cross-section of our cultural heritage and is interesting to study and analyse. Whilst affording a place encouraging education and learning they should also be places that are comfortable and accessible to be within.The oldest schools date from the 1830s and the most contemporary architecture is being used currently and creativelyto showcase the qualities of the various institutions.

if the Schools-Sydney there are 336 Catholic schools, 29 Anglican Schools and 57 CRICOS registered schools which accept international students in the greater Sydney area. At least 23 of the schools in Sydney are boarding schools which makes Sydney a popular choice for regional parents looking to send their child to a boarding school. Sydney also has over 50 schools for only boys and over 40 schools for girls. The remaining Sydney schools are co-educational.