St Paul's College -The University of Sydney

St Paul’s College – University of Sydney

St Paul’s College University of Sydney, Australia, is an Anglican residential college for men which is affiliated with the University of Sydney. Founded in 1856 by an 1854 act of the New South Wales Legislative Council, it is Australia’s oldest university college. St Paul’s is familiarly referred to as “Paul’s”, its residents as “Paulines” and its alumni as “Old Paulines”.

St Paul’s College  University of Sydney has nearly 200 residents, of whom about 150 are undergraduates; the remainder are graduates undertaking further study or holding university positions.[1] It retains most of its original 18-acre (73,000 m2) grant and has its own oval and tennis and basketball courts.

St Paul’s was one of the two earliest university colleges in the Australian colonies along with Christ College, Hobart, which was founded in 1846.[2] Its development followed an unsuccessful attempt by members of the Anglican church to incorporate the earlier St James’s College within the new University of Sydney, and was led by Sir Alfred Stephen (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales).The college is independent of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, although the warden must be an ordained Anglican clergic. There are 18 fellows, six of whom must be Anglican clergy and 12 laymen. Fellows serve six-year, renewable terms and are elected by graduates of the college who have spent at least three semesters in residence. The Reverend Canon Dr Ivan Head has governed the college as warden since 1995. The college is an independent body corporate, legally designated as “The Warden and Fellows of St Paul’s College”.

Founded to promote liberal Anglicanism, St Paul’s College is the oldest community in Australia possessed of a single continuing intellectual tradition. The first students enrolled in February 1857 and moved into the new buildings a year later.After a slow start, numbers increased markedly from the 1880s and this was a time of remarkable flowering for the college.