Faculty of Medicine University of Sydney

Faculty of Medicine University of Sydney

Faculty of Medicine University of Sydney is the graduate medical school of the University of Sydney. It is currently ranked as the top medical school in Australia and among the top 20 universities for medicine on an international level by US News and the QS World University Rankings.

Established in 1856, Sydney Medical School is the oldest medical school in Australia. It has a large and diverse facultyto support its missions in education, research, and health care. Each year, it has over 1,100 medical students and 2,000 postgraduate students undertaking coursework and research-training programs.

The Anderson Stuart Building (formerly known as the “Old Medical School”) is a superb example of neo-gothic architecture located next to the main quadrangle.

The building, carved out of beautiful golden Sydney sandstone – exhibits many gargoyles, superb stained glass windows and carvings. It was designed by James Barnet, with additions by Walter Liberty Vernon and then Leslie Wilkinson. It is on the Heritage list and has recently undergone substantial renovations.

The building has been in continuous use as a medical school, the purpose for which it was originally designed, since 1889. The Medical School is closely associated with the work of Professor T P Anderson Stuart who supervised every aspect of its development from 1884 until his death in 1920. The site, quality of design, materials and workmanship of the building gave visible proof of the respectability and dominance of medicine as an academic discipline. This dominance was an important feature of the organisation of the University as a whole for a prolonged period. The building is a fine example of organic growth with harmonious extensions to the original.