Oldest Trees in Sydney - Sydney Opera Huse

Simon Fieldhouse artworks is an established Sydney based artist who works in pen and watercolour. His intricate drawings depict historical architecture from around the globe and often hidden within his work are comical figures of popular culture such as Superman or Spiderman. “I am interested in depicting the collective things that we do as a society and also the wonderful architectural beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives – with whimsy and humour!” – Simon Fieldhouse, 2014

“Simon Fieldhouse has hitherto been renowned for marvellous architectural drawings. They are much beloved of lawyers. This is possibly because Simon was himself once trained in law and offers drawings of legal buildings and scenes, captured with a brilliant eye for detail. Lawyers tend to like his sense of order, precision, accuracy and wry humour. Usually, hidden away in some corner (like Alfred Hitchcock in his movies), is a whimsical form, occasionally semi-human – just to show that Simon Fieldhouse does not take the form of things as seriously as might appear. Perhaps like any good modern lawyer he knows that substance will trump form every time. Yet, in the past, the human forms in his work have been strictly incidental. The main purpose has generally been to portray, with infinite patience, the details of this world – bricks, stones, books and things, not people.” Hon Justice Micahel Kirby