King Edward Technical College Dunedin

King Edward Technical College – Dunedin

King Edward Technical College – Dunedin is the former name for a school and technical college in Dunedin, New Zealand, which was established as the Dunedin Technical School in 1889 when the Caledonian Society instigated night education classes.[1] Originally run from Great King Street, it offered classes in carpentry, chemistry, cookery, domestic economy, typewriting, and woodcarving, with courses expanding by 1895 to include dressmaking, navigation, and plumbing. The school moved to Moray Place in 1897, where it stayed until 1914. In 1914 a new structure in Upper Stuart Street was opened, and in 1921 the Dunedin School of Art was amalgamated with the school. It was at this point that the school changed its name to honour the late King Edward VII. The college’s first principal was Angus Marshall. By 1955 the school was the largest in the country, with a total roll of 2,500 (half of them in day classes) and over 250 classes. By this time, the college included a day school, the Dunedin Technical High School, the Dunedin School of Art, Senior School of Commerce, and an Evening School.[2] In February 1966 the tertiary arm of the college officially adopted the name Otago Polytechnic and eventually moved to a new site, initially in York Place, close to the Upper Stuart Street site, but later moved to Union Street, close to the University of Otago. Since 1974 the secondary component has been renamed on a new site close to the Polytechnic, renamed as Logan Park High School. The prominent and imposing old King Edward Technical College buildings (King Edward Court) on Stuart Street are now used for a multitude of purposes. The main building has a Category I listing with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, registration number 4712. Dunedin association football team Dunedin Technical was formed by alumni of the institution, and was originally known as King Edward Technical College Old Boys.