Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury Hospital is a metropolitan hospital in Campsie, a south-western suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Canterbury Hospital has been in business since 1929 and was rebuilt in 1998.In 1927 land for a hospital at Canterbury was acquired by the Ministry for Public Works as the constructing authority with a foundation stone was laid by the Minister for Public Health, RJ Stuart-Robertson M.L.A. in October that year. One Thousand people attended the ceremony including community and fund-raising committee leaders.  The Inter-war Mediterranean style building was designed by the Government Architect’s Office under the direction of Richard McDonald Seymour Wells. 

The Hospital was officially opened on 26 October 1929 by the Secretary of Public Works, Ernest Buttenshaw. Originally built to accommodate 28 patients in a population of 70,000, the hospital was soon utilizing the verandas to increase bed numbers to 63 patients. 

In the first year 587 patients were admitted and by 1933 the number had risen to 1,083 patients per year. Patients who could afford to pay were charged seven shillings and threepence per day while patients unable to pay were treated for free. There were also 12,001 outpatient attendances.

By 1943 the hospital had 98 beds and this rose to 220 beds in 1965 with several additions to the original buildings.  A new wing, Thorncraft House, recognised the tireless services of Alderman Herbert Thorncraft who was president of the Board of Directors for 11 years and patron of the hospital until his death in 1975. Kevin Stewart, who subsequently became the Minister for Health, was also active in the hospital’s management as president of the board between 1955 and 1976.

Canterbury Hospital is one of many hospitals in a network under the management of Sydney Local Health District. Canterbury Hospital has links to Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney, offering health services to the people in the local government area of the City of Canterbury.